Wall Straightening, Realigning & Reinforcement

Wall Straightening, Realigning, & Reinforcement

Basement Walls that Buckle? Daniel's Waterproofing Can Help!

Not to worry, the experts at Daniel's Waterproofing can get them standing tall and strong once again. The work of our Northern Ohio basement waterproofing experts is backed by a lifetime guarantee, and we've worked on over 20,000 basements.

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Why Basement Walls Fail

The soil that surrounds your home can cause a large amount of stress on the walls of your basement. The burden caused by the soil depends on the soil type, how moist the soil is, and how deep your foundation goes.

Other contributing factors to bowing walls are expansive soils, improper drainage systems, and the freeze/thaw effect. When the pressure coming from the exterior is greater than the stability of your walls, the walls will fail. Cracks are the first sign of a problem, but walls may also start to tilt, bow, or buckle. If nothing is done, the damage may result in walls that collapse.

However, if the job needs to be done immediately, Daniel's Waterproofing can handle that, too. We'll come out and give you a free estimate based on your home's unique needs. We can usually start your project as quickly as the situation requires.

A Company You Can Trust

When it comes to wall straightening in North Central Ohio, Daniel's Waterproofing is the expert! We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and we've been in business for 40 years, so we've seen it all. We've got the know-how to get your basement walls back on track.

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Wall Realignment & Reinforcement

If you've just noticed that your basement walls are buckled, chances are there's been a problem behind the scenes for quite some time. The most common culprit of bowed walls is water pressing against the outside of the foundation, also known as hydrostatic pressure. This pressure can be so great that the walls cannot handle any more force, causing them to bow or buckle. Other reasons your basement walls might be failing are clays that expand and freeze and thaw, which causes soil to expand and put pressure against the walls.

No matter what the issue, trust our basement waterproofing experts for the help you need. Schedule your free estimate today.

Options for Reinforcing Your Basement Walls

Stressed foundation walls are a serious problem and should be attended to right away. There are a few options available to homeowners to rectify the situation. The experts at Daniel's Waterproofing would be happy to discuss your options in detail. These may include:

  • Steel beam foundation reinforcement
  • Carbon fiber strips – these are affixed to the wall with epoxy and are used to reinforce weak areas. They do not prevent the walls from leaning.
  • Helical anchors – used for raising structures
  • Foundation anchors – a commonly used anchor system that can reinforce and sometimes stabilize. We find this to be much less effective.
  • Pressure Release; Straighten & Reinforce Method – This has proved to be the best, most effective, and most economical method available.

We'll Get the Job Done Right the First Time

Daniel's Waterproofing can provide you with a free estimate for wall straightening services. We've been doing business for 40 years, so we know we can come up with a solution that is right for you. All our waterproofing work has a lifetime warranty, and we offer various financing options to fit any budget.

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